Why do you need to mute your video

It’s discouraging when you shoot a great looking video of high quality and later, when you replay the video, you find the audio is either of poor quality or maybe the camera captures some unwanted noises from nearby traffic, kids screaming or any other unfavourable noises. Being unable to remove any unwanted background noises and sounds can even be frustrating and irritating while creating video content.

Many videographers mute the sound of a video in order to apply an overlay of voice narration to documentaries, or instrumental music to footage shot of the sky. It's also great to apply music to a film recorded with a drone panning across a landscape scene. The effect helps creating unique, interesting and high-quality cinematic videos.

It's a commonplace for University students filming short videos, or influencers recording for social media platforms like YouTube because the production of high-quality content is necessary for them.

How to use Online Audio Remover by Clideo

Some content creators do use a variety of high-tech programs to make a good quality content. However, most of these tools are difficult and it takes a lot of time to learn using them for an amateur videographer.

With the video muter, any user from the beginner to experienced one can remove audio from a clip using either mobile device or computer. It’s completely online-based, so no downloading or installing of software is required.

The app is easy to use and user-friendly to any videographer of any level, helping you to mute your videos in two simple steps:

  1. Choose a file

    First, you need to upload the video you wish to remove the audio from. You can choose it from your iPhone or Android device, and Mac or Windows-based computer. It’s also possible to add a link from an online source. Clideo supports a lot of formats such as WMV, AVI, MP4, etc.

  2. Upload a video and remove sound from it automatically

  3. Download the video

    The software will automatically mute the whole video. Check your clip by watching it in the browser before downloading. If it’s necessary, change the format. You can save the video not only to your device but also to Google Drive or Dropbox. Once you’ve downloaded your edited video, it’s removed from the app for security, so no one could watch it.

  4. Save the muted video to your device