Rotate your video online

Video editing can be a nightmare. First you need to find a program that’s workable, sort out how to use it and then download the mammoth software to run it. And not only can it get pretty pricey in addition to all this trouble, but there’s typically a steep learning curve to contend with as well.

Not so with Clideo!

First, we’ll get right to it, covering how to realign your video in a way that’s watchable. And next, we’ll get to some reasons why you’ll want to have this option handy and the many ways this software is different. We’ve made the steps super simple to follow along and master quickly, so you can skim them and get your work done expertly and immediately:

  1. Uploading your visually stunning, directionally-challenged content!

    Uploading your content is as simple as selecting a file on your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox and opening it.

    You can also paste in a link to a video already posted online – yes, including one on YouTube that you don’t own - and then upload that for editing as well, assuming it fits within the 500 MB size restrictions, of course.

    Upload a video to rotate with Clideo

    500 MB should handle most of your video needs though, particularly as online participants’ attention span is increasingly diminishing. As of this writing, brands have about six seconds to grab a reader’s attention. And even that is probably pushing the envelope.

    So shorter videos – and shorter everythings, really – are best for most marketing efforts.

    Back to your upside-down video...

    Once you’ve uploaded it, you’re ready to fix it up.

    Also, before we forget - it’s important to note that you can also upload video from your phone – iOS and Android are both supported. You’re not restricted to using the Clideo editor via desktop. There are some specific download considerations to keep in mind, but we’ll get to those in a moment!

  2. Rotate It!

    Now you just need to rotate it – easy peasy! Clockwise, counterclockwise – click around to see how it looks. You’ll reach the same result with enough clicks regardless, but it’s handy to have the option to choose between the two when you have lots to get done and little time to play around.

    You can rotate it 90 degrees on completely flip it upside down (or right-side up, as the case may be).

    Rotate your upside down video with one click

    So many formats, so little time! You have choices around format you’d like your new video to conform to.

    Convert your rotated video to any format

    You can learn all about the different file format options if you are not sure about which one to choose, and then explore the options below, understanding that mp4 is the best for mobile and probably the most popular, but .mov is a common choice as well.

  3. Preview and download

    Download the rotated video to your computer or phone

    Now you’re ready to play it and see how it looks before downloading. And then click “download” (to your device, Dropbox, Google Drive) or just watch it online.

    Why Rotate Video Online – And Why Clideo?

    The optimal format for sharing video on Facebook is vertical, not the popular landscape option. What if your recording lends to being flipped on its side, like an action recording of someone skiing downhill?

    Or maybe filming something with the intent of flipping it upside down offers exactly the creative boost your page needs? Those short attention spans demand novelty after all, so thinking outside of the box couldn’t hurt!

    And when you create the rotated video on Clideo, you’re doing all of the work in the cloud. There’s not a massive program to download and very little wait time. Your desktop isn’t slowed down, in the least and your iPhone, Android or tablet are able to create the same effects on the go. It’s really a win-win all around. And again, free! Try it out and let us know what you think.