In this guide, you’ll learn:

Why do you need to merge videos

Earlier, we had traditional video cameras to capture our moments but now there are camcorders, DSLRs, and yes, mobile cameras. In the presence of so many options, it’s really easy to record the golden moments, regardless of time and place.

However, the only problem arises, when you have limited storage capacity in your video camera or mobile phone. Hence, you frequently need to transfer your videos to your laptop and desktop in order to avoid the issue of limited space. Well, this too can be somehow managed if you have multiple storage devices but here is another issue: your memories are split into several parts and it feels irritating to watch them in parts.

Thanks to the latest technology, we have some cool combiner apps to make our lives easier and overcome the very problem. We can make use of them and enjoy a stress free life!

What is a video combiner tool

Who likes to watch their favorite moments in parts? Of course, we all like to watch them in one go! A video combiner helps you with just that.

It helps to merge several videos into a single playable file. So, you can combine multiple clips of a sport event or a family gathering, and watch them like a full movie. Cool, right? Without needing a professional who will do it for you, now you can do it yourself.

What makes an ideal video joining program

  • The most important quality of any tool is its reliability, because no one wants their personal videos to be viral on the internet, without their consent. We want to keep our private moments to ourselves only. Therefore, an ideal video combiner must be secure, free of bugs, fast, and yes, it should be user-friendly, too. So, even a layman could take benefit of the tool.
  • Moreover, if it's online, that would be a bonus for you because it can be accessed from anywhere and you don’t need to download and install it on every desktop system and device you use.

What is Online Video Combiner by Clideo

How would you feel if you have to take special classes to learn a new skill such as a video editing, just to join your videos? Sounds pretty tough, huh? Well, now you don’t need to invest in a new skill, when Online Video Combiner by Clideo is at your service. It can do the task within a blink of an eye.

It’s a free, online and the most secure tool that allows you to put your videos together without downloading any heavy plugin or app in your system. Clideo is easy-to-use and equipped with many advanced tools such as Meme Maker, Stop Motion App, Video Speed Editor, Audio Remover, etc.

Now, keeping the above features in mind, using the Online Video Combiner could turn out to be a perfect choice for you. Wondering why? Because it’s super-simple to join your videos using this tool. In fact, you’ll just need a few clicks to merge.

How to put videos together in three simple steps

  1. Choose a file from:

    • Desktop operating system: Windows or Mac.
    • Mobile device: Apple or Android.
    • Online file source: Dropbox, Google Drive or a direct URL to the video.
    Open videos you want to combine

    The program supports a variety of video file formats: MOV, 3GP, MKV, WMV, MP4 and much more.

  2. Join your videos

    After the first video is uploaded, choose the second one and repeat the process until all the desired files are uploaded. Drag and drop them into the desired order. Moreover, you can easily remove any part of the video, change format, resolution or quality. Once you’re done with all the editing and formatting, click the “Merge” button.

    Adjust and merge the uploaded videos

  3. Save the video to a desired location

    Congratulations! You’ve successfully joined the several videos into a single one. Now, watch the edited video right here in your browser.

    Download your joined video from the Clideo tool

    Therefore, by doing this you’ll be able to make changes if you’re not satisfied with the result. Once done, click the “Download” button to save your combined video. You also have the option to save it back to Dropbox or Google Drive, so you can share it with others too.