What a video clipper does & why you need it

Let’s imagine you have a need to share the mind-numbingly addicting baby shark YouTube song on your social media accounts. Your business is promoting something relevant or running a contest and this song just fits – pretty perfectly, actually!

An example of a YouTube video

First, you have to sort out how to download this short animation, if you don’t own it. Most people stop right there. Or you may have a copy of it already downloaded and consider using Instagram’s trimming tool and then saving it to Dropbox to use elsewhere.

Trouble is, the final product will adopt Instagram’s formatting, assuming it saves as a video at all. And although optimizing for mobile is great, being stuck with that vertical format isn’t, as you want to accommodate other audiences you’re reaching via desktop as well.

And not only do you want to reach a large, technologically varied audience, but you need to have a bunch of clips created quickly. You’re a business after all, time is money. But your need for speed does not mean quality can suffer, as you’re also a professional and your visual imagery has to be top-notch or nothing at all. And we all know that having video clips handy for promotional purposes is entirely necessary in 2019.

You’re a bit gun shy about it all though, as your past attempts to keep pace with the speed of social resulted in the GIF fiasco of ’18 (as your marketing team calls it), where you wasted lots of time creating GIFs from videos. And it resulted in being forced to redirect viewers to some sketchy site apparently slapped together by an online aficionado adept at capturing traffic, but short on finesse.

That just won’t do here.

You need an online video splitter that’s slick, quick and doesn’t require a massive software download that will slow your laptop to a crawl. One that allows you to save your work and use it however you wish. You need Clideo.

Using Clideo’s Online Video Clipper

  1. Grabbing that Baby Shark YouTube URL, you pop it in to Clideo’s video clipper tool where it says to “paste a URL” – or you can also upload a file from your computer (both Mac and windows), tablet, smartphone (both iOS and Android), Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Add a video or URL to the program

    Just make sure it’s under 500 MB for the free version.

  2. From there, you select which portion you’d like to cut. Maybe you need to split the video into multiple files to suit different social sites? It can be chunked out strategically into multiple parts, or can create the same section that’s exactly one minute long (for Instagram) or two minutes for Facebook and 30 seconds for Twitter!

    Set an exact time to split your video

    The point is, you need the ability to trim the video to different lengths depending on where you plan to share it, as optimal times for each platform are very different for maximum engagement.

    Clip your video by moving two markers

    Decide you’d like it to fade in or fade out (to a black screen) – you can do that too! It’s a gradual transition and gives your offering a more polished look, specifically the fade out aspect. When uploading to sites like YouTube, that allow end screens to be added, fading to black draws attention to these call-to-action options a bit more.

    And top film-makers swear by ‘fading to black’ as an important cinematic construct. And while your Baby Shark video isn’t nearly as dramatic, it can’t hurt to give it that extra oomph, particularly as it has a largely subconscious – and positive - effect on the viewer.

    Fade in or fade out your clipped video by checking the boxes

    If you don’t like the format your video has, you have choices there too. The output format can be saved to mirror the original, or you can choose any of the following:

    Change the format of your split video

  3. All that’s left to do is download and save it! Just click “cut” and wait a few moments for your video to be available for download:

    Download the split video to your device

    Make a mistake? It’s simple to pop back to the edit screen and fix it.

How to clip a video on an iPhone or Android

But what if you’re not on a laptop or desktop? Does it work from your phone too? Yes!

The process for creating clips on an iPhone or Android is pretty much the same. You’ll find that having an MP4 video splitter is remarkably time-saving, as well as manageable. And yes – having the ability to split this imagery via an app on your phone is key. You’ll find yourself using it a lot once you get used to it (which will take all of three minutes, tops).

Why do we mention MP4s with so many options for downloading? It’s important to note that an MP4 format is best when editing from your iPhone or Android device. Also important to caution you to check your dropbox setting and make sure your phone can access it ahead of getting started, so you can save there once you’re done cutting!

Clip a video on your iPhone or Android easily

You can watch it from your phone or browser to see how it looks and then save it to a cloud collaboration tool and it won’t take any room on your hard drive.

Setting Dropbox files to selectively sync is an important trick to have in mind before doing this, so you can ensure you’re not duplicating efforts and saving both in the cloud and to your desktop by mistake.

You can find this option by going to your settings, then “preferences” and “sync” and then selecting the folders you’d like to “selectively sync” with your laptop, while leaving the others unchecked (and accessible only via online).

Becoming the most valuable player on your team

Understanding how to split video files is a definite skill that most businesses lack right now. You can cut the time you’re spending on this in half, at the least, as you repurpose content that resonates with your audience rather than recreating the wheel. You can bet this is exactly what the top tech-savvy businesses in your category are doing. Watch them for a bit and see!

Finding a film clipper that’s both free and amazing isn’t easy. The free online video splitter by Clideo has everything you need, and more. Try it out and then reach out, if you’d like a demo of our many additional options!