What a video clipper does & why you need it

Let’s imagine you have a need to share some mind-numbingly addicting song on your social media accounts. Your business is promoting something relevant or running a contest and this song just fits – pretty perfectly, actually!

So you have to sort out how to cut out the needed part. Most people stop right there.

You need an online video splitter that’s slick, quick and doesn’t require a massive software download that will slow your laptop to a crawl. One that allows you to upload a video and do what you need in a matter of seconds. You need Clideo.

  1. Upload your video

    Go to Clideo’s video clipper tool and click the "Choose file" button to upload your great song from your device. There will also be an option to add a file from Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Add a video or URL to the program

    Just make sure it’s under 500 MB for the free version.

  2. Clip the video to your liking

    From there, you select which portion you’d like to have with the sliders. Then you'll have two options:

    • Extract selected. You'll be able to save the part you've chosen. Decide if you’d like it to fade in or fade out (to a black screen). It’s a gradual transition and gives your offering a more polished look, specifically the fade out aspect.
    • Split video by moving sliders
    • Delete selected. The part you've chosen will be erased and the two remained parts will be merged. Check the Crossfade box to make the transition smother.
    • Use Clideo's splitter to cut out part of video

    If you don’t like the format your video has, you have choices there too. When selected, click "Cut".

    Change the format of your split video
  3. Download the video clip

    All that’s left to do is save it to your personal device or a cloud storage account.

    Download the split video to your device

    Made a mistake? It’s simple to pop back to the edit screen and fix it by clicking on "Back to edit".

How to clip a video on an iPhone or Android

But what if you’re not on a laptop or desktop? Does it work from your phone too? Yes!

Clip a video on your iPhone or Android easily

The process for creating clips on an iPhone or Android is pretty much the same. You’ll find that having an MP4 video splitter is remarkably time-saving, as well as manageable. And yes – having the ability to split this imagery via an app on your phone is key. You’ll find yourself using it a lot once you get used to it.

Why do we mention MP4s with so many options for downloading? It’s important to note that an MP4 format is best when editing from your iPhone or Android device.

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.