How to download any part of a YouTube video

Among all the other advantages and peculiarities, it is free and works online, which means that you don’t have to download anything or buy licensed software.

The user’s information is stored for 24 hours only and then it is deleted forever, so our service is safe. At last, you may use it without registering and logging in, so any personal data leak is absolutely impossible.

Let’s go further and learn how to download a portion of a YouTube video.

  1. Upload a video from YouTube

    Open the needed video on YouTube in any browser and copy its link.

    Copy a YouTube video link you want to save part from

    Now, open Video Cutter by Clideo, hit the blue button in the center of the homepage, call a drop-down menu and paste the link to the empty field.

    Add the YouTube video URL to download its part

    You may also choose a recording from your personal folder or export a video from two cloud storages – Google Drive and Dropbox.

    Work from your mobile device, PC or Mac, it doesn’t matter. Just get sure that your Internet connection is stable and fast.

  2. Choose a specific part of the video

    Cut a piece of the clip using sliders or setting an exact start/end time. That will be the only part to proceed editing – you may both extract it (and make an actual clip), or delete (then frames before and after excluded area will be merged).

    Cut out a part of YouTube video you want to download

    Check the Сrossfade or Fade in and Fade out boxes to make your visual more spectacular and smoother.

    Choose an output format. Our video cutter supports all the popular extensions, but if you are going to post your clip in social media we would recommend choosing MP4.

    Change format of the YouTube video part

    Click “Cut” button and wait several seconds.

  3. Download the result

    Download the part of YouTube video

    Have a quick preview to check if you are happy with the result. When you are done, save the clip to your phone, computer or upload it to cloud.