Trim a SoundCloud song easily

Every listener can enjoy the music they like or even download it under the condition that the author has enabled downloading.

When you do that, you can use our tool to trim or cut out part of the song! Our service works online, so you don’t have to install and set up any clumsy apps.

This tool is free for files up to 500 MB, and you can proceed with as many projects as you need, without any limits, ads or trial periods.

Just follow three simple steps.

  1. Add audio to the tool

    Open Soundcloud in any browser, search for the song you like and download it. Then open Clideo’s audio cutter in a new tab, click on “Choose file” pane and upload the song.

    Upload Soundcloud song to download
  2. Cut a song from SoundCloud

    You can cut it by deleting or extracting the selected snippet. You may also tick “Fade in”, “Fade out” and “Crossfade” boxes to make the track more melodious.

    Adjust Soundcloud song to download

    You can also change the output format before saving the track.

    Change format of Soundcloud song for saving

    When you are fully done, click “Export” and wait several seconds.

  3. Save audio

    Listen to the track one more time to get sure that you like what you have now. If so, download it to your computer, mobile phone, Google Drive or Dropbox. Otherwise hit the “Edit” button and change what you want.

    Download Soundcloud song

    Subscribe to our Pro version and get a possibility to edit the same file in different tools without downloading and uploading it.