Extract audio from video on Mac

Everybody has encountered a situation where the music they like is playing in the video, but they can't figure out its title. The user downloads third-party software to extract the audio track, doesn't understand how it works and gives up.

With Clideo this whole process can be done right in your browser without any knowledge in audio or video editing. Our tool allows you to extract audio from video for free if your input file size does not exceed 500 MB. All you need is the video itself, a stable Internet connection, and a few minutes to spare.

Another advantage is that our tool works online and functions equally effectively on any device, be it Mac or iPhone.

  1. Upload a video

    Open the Clideo's video to audio converter and click "Select file" to upload a recording from your device.

    Upload video to extract audio on Mac

    You can also use videos stored in your cloud storage. Click on the down arrow on the right side of the panel and upload the file from Google Drive or Dropbox

  2. Get the audio from the file

    To save the audio as it is, simply move the left slider to almost the beginning (0.11 seconds) and set the right slider to the end. Then click the "Extract" button and go to step three.

    Extract audio from video on Mac with Clideo

    Otherwise, you can trim the sound. To do this, set the sliders as needed or type the time manually in the fields. Then choose one of the following:

    • “Extract Selected” will save the fragment. Notice the Fade in and Fade out boxes — they will add the corresponding effects.
    • “Delete Selected” will delete the fragment and combine the remaining two. The Crossfade effect can be used here, check the appropriate box below if you want to use it.

    Choose a format for a file, we have a dozen different options. Click "Export" when you are ready to continue.

    Change format of audio from video on Mac
  3. Save the track

    Listen to the new audio. You can save it to your device or cloud storage. If you want to change something, just click "Edit" and you will be taken back to the previous step.

    Download extracted audio from video on Mac

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.