Convert a video to an audio file

Our service offers a great range of online tools for editing video and audio creations. You can use them in any browser on iPhone or Android, Windows or Mac. All of the tools are free when your files are up to 500 MB each.

If you are looking for no limits, then try Clideo Pro and get your own dedicated space for editing. Thus you will be able to move seamlessly to any other of our tools without downloading and uploading the results of your work in between.

On top of that, you don’t need any specific knowledge or experience as every tool is extremely straightforward — it usually takes just 3 simple steps to do the job.

For example, let’s imagine you are learning Japanese. One of the great ways to practice your comprehension skills is just listening to your favorite anime in the original language while commuting. So let’s learn how to convert a video to audio on an iPhone.

  1. Upload your video

    Open your favorite browser and go to Clideo's Audio Cutter. Then tap the big blue “Choose file” button to add your video.

    Upload video to convert to audio

    The tool accepts different popular file types - MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, and so on. You can also add from your Google Drive or Dropbox storage.

  2. Convert your video file to audio

    Once your video is processed, you will see an extracted audio track.

    First, choose whether you need to extract or delete the selected part and use the yellow handles on the audio timeline to define it. Alternatively, you can specify the exact timing in the “Cut from” section.

    Convert video to audio

    To apply the fade-in or fade-out effects, select the corresponding checkboxes.

    At the bottom, you will also see some useful information about the track duration and its format. If you need some specific file type, call the drop-down menu to select the one you need.

    Change format for video converted from audio

    Finally, hit the “Export” button.

  3. Save your recording

    That’s it! Your new track is ready for downloading. Replay it to see if this is what you need.

    Download audio converted from video

    Then you can save it to your device or cloud storage. If you click the “Edit” button, you will get back to the audio cutter where you can make changes again if needed.