How to insert a video into PowerPoint

Presentation is an intrinsic part of office, school, or university life. The viewers will memorize more if the text information is complemented with illustrations and videos.

As for the pictures, you can copy them from your photo library or even the Internet and simply paste them onto your slide. Adding videos to PowerPoint is more complicated.

The steps will differ depending on your device type. Keep in mind, if you're far from your laptop or just prefer keeping everything in the cloud, you can avail of the online PowerPoint365.

Add a video from an online source

Embedding YouTube videos in the latest version of PowerPoint 365 is easy as the latest versions of the program can handle direct video links.

  1. Copy the link of the video you want to use (remember about copyrights and royalties, so it should be either your recording or a royalty-free one). Remember, there are only a few supported platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Stream, and Flip.
  2. Go to the PowerPoint slide, select Insert → Video → Online Video.
  3. Paste your link and click "Insert".

Note! Make sure that you're online while showing the presentation, otherwise, the clip will not be played back.

Add a video from a device

It's even easier than adding a recording from an online platform.

  1. Save the recording to the same folder where you're going to store your presentation
  2. Go to the PowerPoint slide, select Insert → Video → This Device... and select your video.

The offline PowerPoint also has an option of adding stock videos: that may be a good solution if you don't have the right recording to illustrate your content and don't want to breach any copyright law.

Whichever option you choose, right after uploading the recording, you'll see the video editing pane. It isn't very easy, so it may be a good idea to edit your clip in advance with the help of another online video editing service.

  1. Upload a file or files to the tool

    Open Clideo’s Video Editor. This service works online, so make sure your internet connection is fast enough. You may compose your project from several videos and pictures and add an audio track to your future clip. So, save all the files you need in the same folder.

    Editor to make a video to embed in PowerPoint

    Hit the "Get Started" button, then "Upload" and import the content from your device, Google Drive, Google Photos, or Dropbox. You may do it subsequently or as a bulk upload.

    Add files to make a video to embed in PowerPoint

    If the editor doesn't place your files below the player, manually drag and drop the visuals and music to the editing canvas.

  2. Make and edit a video

    Have fun! Our editor has lots of functions, and new ones are added regularly, so the best way of mastering it is "cut and try".

    Edit clips in a video to embed in PowerPoint

    Don't be afraid of mistakes: firstly, our Editor is quite user-friendly, so you'll sort it out in no time. Secondly, you can always undo the last action by hitting the left-faced arrow at the top-right of the screen or using hot keys.

    In a nutshell, the tool can combine and split files, cut them, change their color scheme, aspect ratio, speed, add captions in various fonts and perform many other editing functions.

    Add captions to video to embed in PowerPoint
  3. Save the project

    When you are happy with what you have, hit the "Export" button and select the output resolution. The first two options are available for all accounts, but if you want to choose FHD or 4K quality, you have to upgrade your account to Clideo Pro.

    Export video to embed in PowerPoint

    Now save the project to your device or cloud storage and upload it to your PowerPoint presentation using the instruction above.

    Save video to embed in PowerPoint

If you would like to learn more about our all-in-one video editor options and features, you can find more information in our Help Center.