Add subtitles manually or with SRT to MKV online

But no worries! Our handy tool not only allows you to add SRT to MKV or write subtitles manually, but also enables you to change the file extension to MP4 or any other format to make it meet, for example, Facebook, YouTube, or other social media specs.

Clideo works online, so you don’t have to download, install, and set up any complicated applications. It is free for files up to 500 MB, and you can add as many of them, as you need, their combined size is not limited.

What is even more important – our service is so easy-to-use, that you don’t need any technical or editing experience to handle it.

Follow three simple steps and merge SRT with MKV or add your own subtitles.

  1. Import a video to the tool

    Open Clideo’s Subtitle Editor in any browser and add a recording from your personal device by hitting the pane “Choose file”.

    Upload MKV to add subtitles

    You can also call the drop-down menu on the same pane and upload a file from your cloud storage accounts.

  2. Add subtitles to MKV permanently

    At this step you can choose how to add subtitles. Several options are available: for example, you can combine SRT files with MKV video (Upload .SRT) or add them manually. Whatever you choose, you’ll be transferred to the editor.

    Add subtitles to MKV with SRT or manually

    Find the pane on the right from the player – here you can edit, rewrite, delete or add captions for each frame. They’ll immediately appear on the timeline below. Here you can drag them, overlap, extend or shorten, change their timing, etc.

    “Styles” tab allows you to change the font, size, position, alignment, colour and background of the captions.

    Adjust subtitles added to MKV

    If you want to change the video’s format, you can do it in the bottom left corner below the player.

    Change format of MKV with added subtitles

    If you added the subtitles manually or just edited them and want to keep the enhanced version in a separate file, click on the “Download .SRT” button.

    When you are fully done, hit “Create” and give the tool several moments to do its job.

    Please note that the tool adds hard subtitles only. Hard subtitles are burned in, or hard coded, as an overlay over your video and cannot be turned off or on later in a player.

  3. Save the video with subtitles

    Give the clip the final run to get sure that every caption has its proper place. If you are happy with the result, save it to your personal device, Google Drive or Dropbox. If you want to change something, hit the “Back to edit” arrow.

    Download MKV with embedded subtitles

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.