How to make a video your alarm

TikTok is a number one trendsetter for young Internet users. No wonder its tunes go viral and become earworms. Let's use them to the fullest! Setting your favorite TikTok music as a custom alarm on an iPhone may not turn your mornings into fairytales, but it will definitely make them more pleasant.

Turning a tune from TikTok to MP3 requires some preparation. First, you should find the clip you like, tap "Share" and select the "Save Video" option. Be aware that it may be missing if the video owner doesn't allow downloading. No worries! You still may have luck. Tap the spinning vinyl icon in the top right corner of the screen and find the whole list of all the videos with this audio. The odds are that you'll find the one open for downloading.

Now, you'll need a tool to trim and edit the track you've just saved to your device. Great news: we just have the right one! Clideo service has so many strong points that we will not name them all. Just the major ones: all our tools work online and don't exhaust your phone memory. Also, they are free for files up to 500 MB each.

Anyway, talk the talk and walk the walk. Let's check it out in three steps.

  1. Upload the file to the tool

    Open Clideo’s Audio Editor in any browser. Tap the "Choose file" button and upload the TikTok file you previously downloaded. If you saved that video to Google Drive or Dropbox, call the drop-down menu on the button and import the clip from the cloud storage account.

     Add file to make a TikTok sound your alarm
  2. Trim the TikTok audio

    After processing, you'll get an audio track without footage. That's almost what we need, but not exactly yet.

    Now, you can cut the track by either extracting or deleting the selected snippet. Place the yellow handles to the needed points, or, if you want to be more precise, set the start and the end timing in the boxes below the player.

    Make a TikTok sound your alarm

    Depending on the previously chosen option, you can also add fade-in, fade-out, or crossfade effects. They'll make your tune smoother and more artistic.

    This tool also allows changing the file format. We'd recommend sticking to MP3, as it's compatible with most platforms and gadgets, but if you prefer another one, there is an impressive list to choose from.

    Change alarm format

    When you're done, tap "Export" and give the tool several seconds to perform its task.

  3. Download the alarm sound

    Give the audio the final run to make sure that it's exactly what you wanted. If you see some room for final corrections, hit the "Edit" button. Otherwise, save the audio to your device. Now you can set it as your custom alarm or ringtone.

    Save alarm made from video

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.