How to make a compilation for YouTube videos

It is now easier than ever to create it totally by yourself. You don’t need any sophisticated software or an editing guru to help you.

Our online tool allows making a compilation video for YouTube clips easily and at no cost.

  1. Upload a video

    You will just need one link to start with — Clideo’s Video Merger tool

    Click the big blue button to upload your first video. In fact, you can add as many as you need, for free and without registration, if your files are up to 500 MB each.

    Upload YouTube video for compilation

    To upload from your cloud storage account, tap the drop-down arrow next to the button. Then select Google Drive or Dropbox to add from those accounts. The tool will start fetching the content, just give it some time.

  2. Change video settings

    Once this first clip is uploaded, you can add more. Click the “Add more files” button or tap the drop-down arrow. Repeat this as many times as you need.

    Upload more YouTube videos for compilation

    All your clips will be visible on the timeline below the preview. You can drag and drop the files to change their order if required. To remove any of them, select the thumbnail and, at the top right of it, tap the X button.

    In the Crop options section, you can select “Zoom & Crop” if it is OK to cut your recording, or “Fit with border” to keep the shot’s width and add borders. Then you can choose any of the predefined aspect ratios — 1:1 for Instagram, 16:9 for YouTube, 9:19 for an Instagram story, and 5:4 for Facebook. Remember to also check other requirements for your video post.

    It is also possible to add a crossfade effect to blend the recordings.

    Create YouTube video compilation online

    Optionally, you can add music to your film. And it is OK to add video again — the tool will extract the soundtrack only.

    Then hit “Trim audio” to cut out the best part. You can also adjust the volume of the video and audio tracks and turn on the “Loop” option if needed.

    Cut audio for YouTube video compilation

    Additionally, at the bottom of your screen, you can see some useful information — the final output duration, size, and format. You can change the latter if needed: if you are planning to share your film on YouTube, we suggest choosing MP4.

    Change format of YouTube video compilation

    The “Export” button will do the rest of the job. This can take some time, so you can stretch your legs or make a cup of tea.

  3. Download the compilation for YouTube

    Have a final look at your movie. If you are happy with what you see, hit “Download” to save it. The “Edit” button will bring you back to the previous screen where you can change the settings.

    Download YouTube video compilation

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.