How to make a GIF out of a YouTube video

While the majority of profile pictures are still, animated GIFs really stand out and stick in memory for weeks and months.

In spite of having so many more ways to express ourselves - video and audio messages, various social media, apps, free Internet channels, etc. – we still prefer GIFs.

Gone are the days when users had to be content with ready sets of GIFs, as creating a new infinite animated picture of your own was quite complicated (not to mention converting a Youtube video to an animated GIF).

Nowadays, all we need is a reliable online tool. Read three simple steps on how to GIF a Youtube video to customize your personal profile or text messages.

  1. Upload a YouTube video

    Go to Youtube, find a video you want to create a GIF from and copy its link by opening the context menu.

    Open YouTube and find a video you want to make a GIF from

    Open Youtube GIF Creator by Clideo. Click an arrow on the blue pane to see a drop-down menu, paste a direct link to a Youtube video to the appropriate URL box.

    Add a YouTube video to the Clideo tool

    Alternatively, select “Google Drive” or “Dropbox” options and use your files stored in the clouds. You may also import recordings from your personal device (“Choose file” button).

  2. Create a GIF from the YouTube video

    Choose an “infinity sign” on the right-side panel to create an endless GIF (mind that it will not keep the sound). The same tool allows to loop a clip up to 7 times. In that case, you can choose a preferable format for the resulting file.

    When everything is ready click “Loop” and wait several seconds.

    Select the infinity sign to create a GIF from YouTube

    Sometimes you don’t need the whole recording to create a GIF from Youtube, just several seconds which make the point. For that purpose, first go to the Online Cut Video tool and cut out the necessary part.

    Want to make a meme out of your GIF (and get famous on the Internet)? Add some creative text and emoji with the help of our special tool.

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    Continue editing the GIF with other Clideo tools
  3. Save your infinite GIF

    Download the created YouTube GIF to your device

    Watch a preview and return to editing if you wish to alter anything. If the output is unsurpassed, save it to your PC, Mac, mobile device or a cloud.