How to make an Instagram meme

As little as 10 years ago, the word “meme” would have meant nothing to most people. Fast forward a decade, and thanks to the viral nature of the online world - specifically social media and app like Instagram - memes are now commonplace in society, and most prominent in internet culture. Their success is likely down to how they’ve become way for people around the globe to instantly relate to one another through humour.

Looking to create your own? It’s not as hard as you think. It can now be done in one place and without needing to download apps or desktop software that can take up valuable disk drive space. With Clideo’s online Instagram meme maker, all the heavy lifting is done on the server-side, meaning you can create your own in your internet browser, for free, and in a matter of minutes.

Here’s how to make Instagram meme videos in three easy steps, using Online Meme Maker by Clideo, without the need to download software or apps.

  1. Upload your image, GIF or video file

    Go to the Meme Maker for Instagram by Clideo. It will work in the browser of all major devices, from Android and iPhone tablets and smartphones to Windows and Mac laptops and desktop computers.

    You’ll be greeted with a Choose File icon. Hit the plus sign to upload an image or video from your device. Most popular image and video file types will work in the maker tool, such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI formats and more.

    Upload a file for Instagram meme

    Alternatively, tap the downward arrow to upload media already saved in your Dropbox or Google Drive. And if you have a link to another online service such as Youtube, simply paste it in the link box and the Instagram video meme maker will upload it in a jiffy.

  2. Make it your own

    Once the upload progress bar on your image, GIF or video file has completed, the template will be displayed. This is when you can get creative!

    The minimal interface means you can build your creation easily, step by step by entering your desired text (there are 12 fonts to choose from), choosing from a black or white background, cropping the media or muting the video accordingly.

    Make an Instagram meme by adding funny text

    If you're making a meme for Instagram Stories, ensure your image is cropped to 9:16 under Crop Options or it won’t display properly in the app. The 1:1 option gives you a standard Instagram square media format if you’re posting it in your main feed.

  3. Save to your device

    If making a video, ensure it looks the way you want it to by playing back the video. You can do this within the tool by hitting the play/pause button below the preview. Once you’re happy with how your custom meme looks and you think it’s ready to go, hit the Meme button. This will render it and make it Instagram-ready. You’ll see the holding page and after a few minutes, it will be ready to download to your device.

    Download the created Instagram meme

    Now save the result by clicking the save ‘Download’ button and it’ll be ready to share. If you want to save directly to an online storage provider, you can do that too as Clideo’s meme creator works with Dropbox and Google Drive.

Have more changes to make? Simply click to ‘Back to edit’ button to make any needed alterations. Have other videos to copy, snip or merge? Check out Clideo’s full suite of online editing tools such as video rotator, video looper, and audio joiner to create and edit all the media you need, for free.

So what are you waiting for? Make Instagram memes with Clideo’s free tool and become an internet sensation!