How to upload a video for YouTube to Snapchat story

While editing your snap, tap the “Paper clip” icon on the right, and then paste any YouTube link in the “Type a URL” field. Don’t forget to tap the “Attach to Snap” button at the bottom.

But what if you would also like to create a preview for this YouTube film and use it as a video snap? Then, it is better to follow the Snapchat media requirements to make sure everything fits perfectly.

Here comes in handy our online resizing tool. It helps to change the size of any YouTube recording for multiple social media, Snapchat included. Our service is available across all platforms and works in any browser. You don’t even need to register or pay anything if your uploaded file is up to 500 MB.

You can use it on your phone as well and if you're using an iPhone, download our resize app for offline editing.

So let’s see how you can prepare a snap with the right size.

  1. Upload a video

    Open Clideo’s Video Resizer in any of the browsers. If you tap the “Choose file” button, you can upload from your device. You can also add a video from your Dropbox or Google online storage accounts, just tap the drop-down arrow to open the list with upload options, and then select the required option.

    Upload YouTube video to share on Snapchat
  2. Change the size

    When the file is uploaded, you can see its preview and start editing right away.

    In the right-side panel, select the Snapchat option from the list of the available social media. Then in the next drop-down menu, choose the Snap Video preset.

    Resize YouTube video to share on Snapchat

    The “Crop options” settings that you can find below, can help you customize the way your movie is changed. If it is ok to crop it, select the “Fill” icon. If some vital information is missing, then you might prefer the “Fit” icon and play with the bars’ colors.

    It is safe to experiment and try various settings at this step to find the best layout. All the changes you make are displayed immediately in the preview area.

    Once you are ready for the final step, hit the “Export” button.

  3. Download the snap

    Replay the clip to make sure you like it. If this is a go, then download the file to your device. Now you’re ready to put the YouTube video on your Snapchat story or send it to your friend.

    Download and share YouTube video on Snapchat

    At the same time, you can always get back to the previous screen. If you see any room for improvements and want to try other settings, just hit “Edit”.

    To make the video shorter or use a specific clip, save the result and upload it again to Clideo’s online cutter. Our Pro users can move on to any tool with the same video right from the last step by clicking on the three dots sign and then selecting the necessary option, in our case it’s the cut video tool.