How to share a Vimeo video on Instagram

Another point to consider – social media specs, they are quite different, so you should adapt the necessary video for the Instagram requirements:

  • Orientation: Horizontal, Square, Vertical
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9, 1:1; 9:16 respectively
  • Recommended resolution: 600 x 315, 600 x 600, 600 x 750
  • Supported extension: MP4, MOV

If you want to post your recording on another social media, you can check its specs out in our complete guide.

And the most important is that you need to download the video from Vimeo first as the platform does not allow direct sharing. But it's not a problem if the owner allows it, you'll see the downloading option on the video's page.

Read on and get to know how to put a Vimeo video on Instagram in four easy steps.

  1. Add a Vimeo video

    Open the Vimeo video you need and download it to your device.

    Open Clideo’s Video Resizer in another browser tab, click "Choose file" and upload the video to the tool.

    Upload Vimeo video to add to Instagram
  2. Resize your video for Instagram

    There are two fields on the right of the player: for the social media and for the post type. Hit the “Instagram” option in the first and select one of 15 presets in the second.

    Select Instagram preset for Vimeo video

    There are about 100 ready aspect ratios for other social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

    If you want to resize the video manually, choose the “Custom” option, then select one of the aspect ratio patterns or the “Source video” option to keep the initial aspect ratio. Then set either width or height in the corresponding boxes and the second parameter will be calculated automatically.

    Select Custom preset for Vimeo video

    If you need maximum customization and want to set both video dimensions manually, choose the “Not set” aspect ratio or just “untick” the chain sign between the boxes.

    Input width and length for Vimeo video
  3. Crop the recording if needed

    There are two crop options available:

    • Fill the frame with the image completely. There will be no sideboards left, but the video is likely to get cropped. You may zoom it in and out to find the perfect position.
    • Crop Vimeo video to share on Instagram
    • Fit the image in the frame. The whole video will be kept but the sideboards will appear. You can move the image in all four directions using the arrows below the “Fit” button. You may also want to change the background colour: select it from the standard palette or set a hex code manually.
    • Add background for Vimeo video for Instagram

    The tool allows you to convert the recording to another format. For Instagram you'll have two options: MOV and MP4.

    Convert Vimeo video for Instagram

    When you are done, click on “Resize” and give the service several seconds to do its job.

  4. Download Vimeo to Instagram

    Save the resized video to your personal device or one of two cloud storage accounts, then post it on the chosen social media.

    Share Vimeo video on Instagram

    Don’t forget to take a quick final preview before saving the file as there is still a possibility to edit the project if you find some imperfections by clicking on “Back to edit”.

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