Meme definition

A meme is a viral picture or GIF that embodies some widely known notion – like sudden surprise, malicious joy, etc. Usually, it happens this way: somebody takes a frame from a movie, a clip, an interview, or any other visual and posts it with witty captions.

As the very meaning of the term "viral" implies, this picture becomes incredibly popular and other Internet users start reposting it with their own captions. This meme trend may last weeks, months, or years, then it fades down and gives place to the new meme generation.

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Most popular memes

In 2021 there were several bright memes: Anakin and Padme, the Harry and Meghan interview, the ship that blocked the Suez Canal, and others.

Memes reflect political and social issues, they hit the most pervasive problems and shine a spotlight on conflicts and contradictions. These pictures are not just another way of entertainment, they are a powerful tool – and you can take part in their creation.

How to make a good meme

First of all, ask yourself: "What is an example of a meme I really like?" Take it as a role model and perform the following steps:

  1. Do some research

    If you keep your eyes on the ball and are aware of all the latest trends, you know the acute problems of society and can foresee the public response to your meme.

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  2. Collect the materials

    You can either use one of the popular templates or create a meme out of your own picture. Then think of a striking catchphrase; keep it short, simple, and witty.

  3. Select the tool

    For example, it may be a Meme Maker by Clideo. This tool works online, so you can use it from any device, any time, and everywhere. It allows uploading and proceeding files up to 500 MB for free and has a user-friendly interface.

  4. Create and post your meme

    If you need detailed instruction on how to create a meme, you can find it in our blog, but, briefly speaking, the steps are pretty simple:

    1. First, upload an image you want to use as a base.

    2. Then, select a template and decide on the captions position.

    3. Finally, create a meme and save it to your personal device.