Boomerang Video Editor

Create a boomerang out of an already recorded video

How to make a Boomerang video

If you've ever wondered what a Boomerang video is, then let us explain. Boomerangs repeat a specific section of a clip over and over to deliver a really fun effect. They were brought to the masses not so long ago via Instagram from an app of the same name.

The thing is, you cannot upload your own video to the Boomerang app from your camera roll, you’d have to record it there from scratch.

However! With Clideo’s tool above, you can boomerang an existing video. And the good news is that it’s free. Working online, it doesn’t require you to download any bloated software or apps. It simply runs from the browser of any device, whether that’s Android, iPhone, Windows or Mac.

How to turn a video into a Boomerang

  1. Upload your clip

    To get started, hit the ‘Choose file’ button above to import the clip you like to make into a Boomerang.

    Upload a video to create boomerang

    If you’d like to upload it from a cloud, then hit the down-arrow and you’ll find the option to upload from a Google Drive or Dropbox account.

  2. Boomerang it!

    Next, it’s time to boomerang the video you already took within the editor.

    To do this, select the ‘Fast’ speed at the top, followed by a clip rate of ‘0.2s’ and finally, check the ‘Append reversed video’ option.

    Make boomerang video

    Be careful as these specific settings are the only way your clip will look like a Boomerang video.

    Next, hit the ‘Stop Motion’ button and your video will begin processing.

    Note that if you’d like to create a Boomerang GIF as opposed to a video, you can upload your result to Clideo’s Loop Video converter tool and select the infinite GIF option.

  3. Watch and download

    Now, your new Boomerang clip is ready to download. After a quick preview to make sure it’s how you want it, tap the green ‘Download’ button. The down-arrow will allow you to save it to your Dropbox or Google Drive account again if you like.

    Save the boomerang video

    Want to make some changes instead? Simply select the ‘Back to edit’ button. This way, you won’t need to start over.