Instagram GIF Maker

Make a GIF out of video for your Instagram profile or Stories

How to use GIF Maker for Instagram

GIFs used to be the first ‘viral content’ on the Internet long before memes became popular. The old fashion comes back, witty GIFs are one of the best ways to become a household name and attract new followers to your Instagram profile.

To create one you need two things: an initial video of any length and a special tool.

Our GIF creator for Instagram allows uploading up to 500 MB for free and you can edit as many videos as you need. Moreover, it’s online, thus it doesn’t require time- and memory-consuming installation.

How to create a GIF in three steps

  1. Upload an initial video

    You can select a file from your personal device by clicking on the ‘Choose file’ button.

    Add a video to Instagram GIF Maker

    There is an option to import a clip from Google Drive or Dropbox – you can perform it by calling the drop-down menu on the right.

  2. Turn the video into a GIF

    Have a look at the grid on the right – there are 6 options for looping the video. You need the last one – the ‘infinity sign’, which will make your clip repeat endlessly, in other words, it will turn your video into a GIF.

    Choose infinite sign in Instagram GIF Maker

    Our Instagram GIF Creator mutes your video automatically because GIFs have no sound.

    When you are done, click ‘Loop’ and wait several seconds while your project is being processed.

  3. Save the GIF

    Download GIF from the Instagram GIF Maker

    Enjoy your freshly-created GIF! Now you can save it to your personal device or cloud storage and share with your followers on Instagram.