How to add music to a video for Instagram

Nowadays social media is an integral part of our lives. Instagram has become the most popular among all of them recently. For some people it’s just a way of expressing themselves, for others it’s a way of earning money. However, the latter is not possible without great and thoughtful posts.

You can post photos or created images but most people prefer video content as it’s more interactive and fun.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to record a clip with a good soundtrack, and it turns out you have only background noise or your voice can’t be heard clearly.

To solve these problems you can record a voice memo on your phone or just pick up a suitable song to replace that noise. Whatever you choose, the Clideo tool will help you add it to the video and delete the original sound in only three easy-peasy steps.

  1. Open a video

    First of all, go to the Add Music to Video tool by Clideo and upload the necessary file. You can do that by choosing it from any of your devices: iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac.

    Upload a video from Instagram to add music

    The tool also allows you to select it from your Google Drive or Dropbox account which is very convenient, right?

  2. Add an audio

    Click the Add audio button on the right and find the necessary track by any of the ways described in the first step. Depending on your intent, adding music to video for Instagram can help you create a cinematic effect or make it more fun.

    Add voiceover or music to video from Instagram

    Once it’s uploaded, cut it to the video length and set the volume.

    Cut audio for the Instagram video length

    If your file is of some old format, for Instagram it’s better to convert it to a more common one like MP4. Click the Add audio to video button and wait a few moments until it’s processed.

    Change format of the Instagram music video
  3. Save the result

    Now watch the video once again to make sure it’s what you wanted, and then save it to your device or back to the cloud. If you want to make your video out of the ordinary you can go and loop it with the Loop Video Tool by Clideo (you can also do it before adding audio to video).

    Download Instagram video with added music

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