How to reduce MP4 file size

Every social medium has its video file limits. For example, for Instagram, it's an impressive 4 GB, but for Twitter, it's a pitiable 512 MB. While trying to shoot something interesting and important, the file size is the last thing you care about. And rightfully so: you can always make your MP4 smaller with the help of a video compressor.

Luckily, Clideo has just the right tool for this purpose. Our tool is not just an MP4 compressor, as you can actually compress various formats. It works online in a browser, so compatibility is never an issue. Moreover, the tool is free for all users, including unregistered ones. Nevertheless, Clideo Pro subscribers can enjoy additional perks. You can select the most effective compression preset and use several editing tools for the same project without reuploading the file to each of them separately.

Follow these three simple steps and compress MP4 online in a few clicks.

  1. Upload an MP4 file to the size reducer

    Open Video Compressor in any browser and hit the "Choose file" button to select a video on your device. You can also import it from a cloud storage account or just drag and drop it on the homepage.

    MP4 compressor
  2. Select the compression rate

    Just remember the golden rule: the smaller the size — the lower the video quality. But you can always check the expected file size above the pane or avail of the "Superb" option if you are a Clideo Pro subscriber.

    Select compression rate to compress MP4

    Make the file even smaller and mute it, by selecting "Remove" in the "Audio track" drop-down list.

    Remove sound to compress MP4

    Then just click "Compress" and wait until the tool does its job.

  3. Save the reduced video

    As simple as that. Rewatch the video and download it to the chosen location and then post it to the platform you need.

    Download reduced MP4 file

We regularly improve our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.