What is background noise

Background noise is all the unwanted sounds (voices, traffic horns, sound of nature, air conditioning, etc.) heard along with the "main" soundtrack.

To avoid such nuisances, one should record their tracks in a sound-proof studio, using professional equipment with an inbuilt function of noise suppression. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, especially in the case of outdoor recording and shooting.

Reduce background noise

While seemingly harmless, background noise prevents you from enjoying music, podcasts, or whatever else you are listening to. It’s a form of noise pollution, as with a certain rate of ambient sounds the audio becomes unintelligible and highly annoying.

What does noise reduction do

Noise reduction may be passive or active. The former is just preventing and blocking all the unwanted noises during the sound recording as much as it’s possible. For example, using sound-absorbing materials for room insulation and so on.

Noise reduction

But it still may not be enough, especially if you deal with live recording. Then, active background noise removal is the only option. It’s a post-shooting editing technique, a process of identifying and eliminating unwanted sounds from the track with the help of special software.

Why use noise reduction

High-quality podcasts or videos should have clear sound without annoying distractions.

Noise removal is especially important for language tutorials, when correct pronunciation is essential, and every tiny sound artifact can create false impressions about the world or the language itself.

A regular vlogger can also significantly improve the quality of their recordings by enhancing the clarity and intelligibility of their content, thus producing a more professional and polished final product.

Background noise removal

Noise reduction software examples

There are lots of solutions that help reduce background noise and make your project a cut above the rest.


It’s a desktop Windows and Mac application, used for reducing noise on both sides during phone calls, online conferences, and other types of communication.


Being one of the most popular solutions, this application is device-agnostic and free to use. All you have to do is select the snippet with noise as an example, and a smart algorithm will use it to clear the rest of the recording.

Zoom, Teams, or another app for online meetings

Nowadays, lots of such platforms and tools use built-in noise reduction options. They help remove noise from audio online and free, but only during your conversation. These communication apps don’t allow uploading and editing of audio tracks.


An effective and affordable tool with various editing options and price plans.


What is noise reduction?

It’s an elimination of ambient and unwanted sounds during or after sound recording. It may also be a part of the post-shooting editing.

What is the meaning of decibel?

It’s a unit of sound measurement. In simple terms, the amount of decibels shows how loud the sound is. Noise reduction technologies block or dampen certain incoming sound waves to some degree.

How to reduce background noise in your video?

Either by recording the video in a sound-proof studio, or with the help of post-shooting editing tools with an inbuilt noise reduction function.


Background noise is not a petty thing: the quality of sound is essential for every aspiring vlogger who wants to become an online celebrity. Even if you can’t afford a professional sound-proof studio, it’s still not the end of the world: with the help of online and offline editing tools, you can effectively reduce ambient noise and get clear sound.