What is a meme generator app

Memes have been around for a long time, not only in Internet culture but also in everyday life offline. But if previously they were drawn by artists or advanced users of photo or video editors, now almost every user knows how to make a meme. Much of this is due to the many meme creators available.

Such tools often provide templates, images, animations, and other means to make the process of creating memes simple and accessible to a wide audience. Meme editors also include features for editing images, adding captions, changing the color scheme, etc. As a result, users can quickly and easily create their own memes, helping to spread humor and ideas online.

Do you want to create your own meme too? Try our meme maker! This is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly customize an image or video based on text templates. Moreover, the tool is compatible with various devices, so you can use it on your phone too. And the rest is easy:

  1. Upload files

    Open Clideo’s Meme Maker, then click "Choose file" to add an image, clip, or GIF you need. On the PC, you can also drag a file to the page directly. If your file is located on your cloud storage, hover over the downward arrow, choose the option you require, and add a file.

    Meme generator

    You can also select the meme template on this page before you upload files – just click on the "change template" link and choose one of the available options.

    Meme generator templates
  2. Create a meme

    If at some point you’d like to switch to another meme template, you can do it anytime by clicking the top right button and choosing the suitable option.

    Change meme generator template

    Write the text into the boxes for top and bottom text, depending on the chosen template. There you can also change the font and text alignment.

    Add text to meme generator

    In the "Crop options" section, you have a few options to customize the aspect ratio of your video or image. It is useful if you plan to post your meme on some social media platform – as such, there are presets for posts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube available.

    Change aspect ratio in meme generator

    If you’ve picked the template with black or white bars, in the same section you can crop the video or image by choosing "Zoom & Crop", or select "Fit with border" so only the ratio will be changed. Lastly, tick "Mute video" if you added a video with sound and don’t want to have it.

    When you’ve finished editing, click "Export".

    Export from meme generator app
  3. Download the result

    Once your meme is exported, you can watch the preview to make sure it looks like you wanted. If you would like to make some changes, just click "Edit" and it will take you back to the last step before exporting. And if everything is good, click "Download" to save your meme to your device or cloud storage.

    Save generated meme

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