How to make a slideshow for Facebook

With the Online Slideshow Maker by Clideo you can not only combine your files into one video but also adjust it to the post type you are planning to make. So, before you start creating, you should know some video sizes and specs:

  • Facebook Feed

    First of all, decide on what orientation it will be: landscape or portrait. Hence the aspect ratio can be 16:9 and 9:16 respectively. In the tool you will be able to select the necessary one, zoom and crop the slideshow to the size or just fit with border in order not to lose any part of the image. The maximum length of video post for Facebook Feed is 120 minutes.

  • Facebook Stories

    Here there is only one option for aspect ratio — 9:16. Don’t worry if your video is recorded horizontally, you still can post it with the top and bottom borders added. The length limit is 15 seconds.

  • Facebook Video Cover

    The best option of aspect ratio here is 16:9 because otherwise Facebook will crop your cover unpredictably. Our tool will help you zoom and crop or fit the missing parts with borders. For best results, the slideshow should be 820 x 462 pixels.

    The permitted length is from 20 to 90 seconds. If you have created a slideshow shorter than 20 seconds, you can go to the Online Video Looper by Clideo and loop it to make it longer.

Make sure to create a slideshow for Facebook no longer than the limits described above if you do not want to lose the ending after posting.

The maximum file size is 4GB for every option. The recommended formats are MP4 or MOV — our tool allows you to select an output format before saving the result.

Now, follow the three easy steps below:

  1. Select files you want to add to slideshow

    Open the Facebook Slideshow Maker by Clideo Start with choosing photos and videos from your device: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android. If you’re using a computer, you can just drag and drop the desired files. You can also select them from your Google Drive or Dropbox account by clicking on the blue arrow button.

    Select the files you need to make a Facebook slideshow

    Note that it is also possible to add more files one by one in the second step. And don’t worry about the formats as the tool works with all the modern ones!

  2. Make a slideshow for Facebook

    Create a slideshow for Facebook by adjusting the parameters

    If you have forgotten some videos or pictures, you can add them here too. Click the Add more files button on the top right corner and select them from a more suitable source.

    Upload more files if necessary to make a slideshow for Facebook

    Now, drag and drop the files to get the order you like. After that add an audio, trim it if necessary and adjust the volume. Don’t forget to select the needed aspect ratio and crop options.

    If you’d like to have smooth transitions in the slideshow, check the Crossfade box. Note that if you don’t see the box you should scroll down the right part of the editor.

    The slideshow will be MP4 by default but if you prefer another format, select it below the player.

    Change the format of the Facebook slideshow before saving

    Finally, click the Create button and wait a few moments.

  3. Download the created slideshow

    Download the created Facebook slideshow

    Your slideshow is ready! Play it to make sure it is what you wanted and download back to your device or save to cloud storage.

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.