Speed up a video on Windows online

Our Video Speed Changer, on the other hand, works online, so you can use it from any device, not necessarily Windows. Moreover, it is intuitively comprehensive, and you don’t need any instructions or hints to use it.

With the help of our tool you can not only speed up a video on Windows 10, but also slow it down, set your custom speed and change the output format. If you like reading instructions before starting doing something new – they also exist, but they are brief, neat and precise. Take a look at the three simple steps below.

  1. Select a video to speed up

    Open Clideo’s Video Speed Editor on any device with a stable Internet connection.

    Click on the blue button right in the centre of the screen to upload a file from a folder or a camera roll.

    Upload Windows video to speed up

    Hover a cursor over the tiny arrow on the right side of the pane to call a drop-down menu. Here you can import a recording stored in the cloud – Google Drive or Dropbox.

  2. Change the video speed

    Choose one of 6 speed presets – you can make your recording up to 4 times slower or 2 times faster in one click. If you want to change the speed manually and set a custom value, for example, 1.15x or 3.65x, use the slider.

    Speed up video on Windows 10

    Tick the box “Mute video” if you don’t need the initial soundtrack. If you keep the audio, its speed will be changed in accordance with the visual.

    Select an output format. If you are going to post the renewed clip to social media, choose MP4 or MOV as they are compatible with the majority of modern websites.

    Change format of sped up Windows video

    Hit “Speed” and give the tool several moments to do its job.

  3. Download the sped up clip

    Have a quick preview and decide on whether you like the result. If so, save it to your personal device or to the cloud storage account. If you don’t, hit “Back to edit” to make changes.

    Download sped up Windows video

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.