How to use Soundcloud to WAV converter

Our miraculous tool allows you to cut a Soundcloud track and convert to WAV in high quality.

It’s free for files up to 500 MB in size, there are no trial version, ads or functionality limits. It works online, you can use it on any phone or computer with a stable internet connection.

  1. Upload Soundcloud audio to the tool

    Open Soundcloud, find the audio you need and download it.

    Open Clideo’s Soundcloud converter to WAV in the next tab, click on the "Choose files" button and upload the audio track.

    Add Soundcloud track to convert to WAV
  2. Select the snippet to save

    If you want to save the whole song, set the sliders to the start and end points of the track. Then trim 0.10 of a second off any of the sides to make the “Cut” button active.

    Cut Soundcloud to convert to WAV

    If you want to cut the audio, select the needed snippet and either extract or delete it. In the first case only the cut part will be kept, in the second — it will be erased, and the rest will be merged into a new audio.

    Don’t neglect “Fade in”, “Fade out” and “Crossfade” options, as they make your sound track smoother.

    Select the WAV format in the menu on the bottom left.

    Convert Soundcloud to WAV

    When you are done, click on “Cut” and get ready to revise the result.

  3. Download Soundcloud as WAV

    Give the audio a final run to get sure that you got what you wanted. If so, save it to your personal device, Google Drive or Dropbox. If it is not perfect, hit the “Back to edit” arrow and try again!

    Download Soundcloud in WAV

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.