How to improve your video recording on iPhone

Smartphones from Apple are in great demand precisely because of the high-quality images you can get. However, only some know how to record a clear, professional-looking video on an iPhone.

Do you want to create beautiful high-quality clips? Then it would help if you learned some basics of filming that will help you become familiar with the functions of the camera. Let's take a look at some of those basics!

  1. Shooting in landscape mode

    There are a lot of applications that record vertical videos by default. It may result in the video being played with two black bars on the sides of the screen when viewing on a computer or TV. To avoid this, you need to turn the iPhone so that the video is recorded in a horizontal position.

    If you already have vertical videos, they can also be adjusted for the horizontal format using online video editing tools.

    Record video on iPhone in landscape mode
  2. Choose the best iPhone camera settings

    Choosing 4K at 60fps will give you the smoothest and highest video quality, but it will take up about 400MB of storage space per minute. If you don't plan to watch videos on a large screen, you can choose a lower resolution to save some memory.

    Also, don't forget to change the format to "Most compatible" because the iPhone uses the HEVF video format by default.

  3. Stabilize video

    A high-quality video is one in which camera shaking is not visible. Therefore, a stabilizer is essential. Use either a tripod or monopod for static frames or a slider, which allows free movement during recording. This is the best option for videos with maximum activity, like skateboarding.

    Stabilize to record video on iPhone
  4. Use digital zoom less

    The most common mistake novice video makers make is to use software methods when approaching the object. Using digital zoom reduces the quality of the video.

    It is better to approach the object on your own in all possible ways: slowly approach, run up, drive up on wheels, etc. In this case, all the necessary and important objects will remain in the focus of the frame, and the blurred background will only emphasize them.

  5. Get an external microphone

    Video is not only an image but also a sound. Alas, the iPhone's built-in microphone does not allow you to record high-quality audio.

    If you want to reduce the amount of noise, as well as increase the volume and clarity of the sound, it is worth buying an external audio recording device. Some microphones are attached directly to the iPhone, while others can be attached to clothing with the cable. Choose the one that suits you better.

  6. Use built-in filters

    If you take many photos and videos, you probably know that you can apply filters to both through the "Edit" function in the Photos app. You can also apply them directly when taking photos but not when making videos.

    However, there is a little trick! Select the most suitable effect in photo mode, then press and hold the shoot button to start recording the video, and the result will have this effect applied.

  7. Apply golden ratio

    Photo- and videographers often use a simplified version of the "golden ratio", the so-called "rule of thirds". This rule is the basics of photo and video art. Thanks to it, photographers and videomakers know that when building an overall picture, they sometimes should move a little to the side horizontally or lower the horizon vertically to get a better-looking result. The built-in "grid" function will help a lot here.

    Golden ratio to record video on iPhone
  8. Use editing software

    With the help of a video editor, you can turn even a mediocre video into a work of art. You just need to be creative: correctly edit the fragments, add effects, and apply correction tools when needed.

    Don't know how to edit videos or have little experience? It's not a problem! There are many basic apps or online tools with settings and features to edit videos online on iPhone. You can even combine videos with music to create spectacular clips.

You don't have to have a lot of talent to know how to make a cool video on an iPhone. To do this, it is worth learning a little theory, but the most important thing is practice. It will help you find your original visual language by which you will be recognized. Fortunately, the iPhone is constantly improving, hence video makers can get new features and make even better videos.