How to Download Vimeo Video in MP4

If you prefer YouTube, have a look at our manual on how to save videos from this social medium.

Vimeo has a different mission – it’s an ad-free platform that focuses on quality rather than quantity. So the recordings you find there are very unlikely to be available anywhere else.

That’s why you may need a Vimeo downloader in MP4 – like the one by Clideo.

Our tool works online, which means that you can use it from any device right away, without previous installation. It is compatible with all the operating systems, so you can run it on Mac, iPhone, Windows, Android, even Linux.

Also, it’s intuitively comprehensive, our service doesn’t give you a chance to do anything wrong – all the actions and functions are self-evident. To download Vimeo videos in MP4, follow the steps:

  1. Upload the video

    Open the Vimeo clip you want to save and copy its link. Then open Clideo’s Vimeo MP4 Downloader in a new tab, call the drop-down menu on the right side of the big blue button and paste the copied URL to the last field.

    Upload Vimeo video to download in MP4

    Just so you know, Clideo also allows importing a recording from your personal device, cloud storage (Google Drive or Dropbox) or any other online source, be it YouTube or Facebook.

  2. Convert the Vimeo video to MP4

    Set the timing using the sliders or putting it manually in the boxes on the right of the player. Then choose one of two options:

    • Extract the chosen snippet, from now and forth it will be your new video. If you tick the “Fade in” box, the image will be appearing from the complete darkness. “Fade out” marks the opposite process, turning a frame into black.
    • Delete the chosen snippet. It will get erased and the rest will be merged into a whole recording. Hit “Crossfade” to make the transition smoother.
    Trim Vimeo video to download in MP4

    If you don’t want to alter anything, just leave your video as it is and choose an output format – in our case, it will be MP4. Mind, that our tool supports all the most popular video formats and some less well-known ones: FLV, M2TS, AVI, etc.

    Change format of Vimeo video to MP4

    Click “Cut” and let the recording get processed.

  3. Download MP4 from Vimeo

    Have a quick preview if you cut the clip and want to see the new version. If not – just save the video to your personal device or cloud storage account.

    Download Vimeo video in MP4