What is 300 DPI and how to convert image to it

The term DPI is applicable for the printing materials only, if we are talking about digital pics, usually, we mean PPI (pixels per inch).

300 DPI is a minimum image size for printing, but the more the better. If this parameter is less, the visual will be of very low quality, pixelated and blurred. So, if you are choosing between 300 DPI and 600 DPI, the latter is always a better option.

Clideo's 300 DPI converter is online and free. It allows you to choose the needed DPI among presets or input a custom resolution. It’s also incredibly safe – the website is protected with an SSL protocol and all your edited files are deleted within 24 hours from our servers.

Keep reading and get to know how to make an image 300 DPI without Photoshop and other costly software.

  1. Upload a file

    Open our DPI Converter in any browser and upload an image from your personal device by hitting the big blue pane. You can also call a drop-down menu on the right of this button and import a picture from a cloud storage account.

    Upload image to convert to 300 DPI

    The tool accepts all the most popular image formats, including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and others.

  2. Make a 300 DPI picture

    Choose the needed DPI among the 72 to 600 presets. Or, select the “Custom” option and set any other value. Click “Continue”.

    Choose an option, for example, 300 DPI
  3. Save the picture with a new resolution

    In several seconds you’ll get a preview of the renewed image. Download it to your personal device, Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Save 300 DPI picture

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