Make a meme out of video online

Clideo allows you to make a meme from a video for YouTube online without time-consuming and tiresome installations. It’s free for files up to 500 MB which is more than enough for memes. The website is protected with an SSL certificate that provides complete privacy for your files.

Follow three easy steps.

  1. Add your video

    If you want to cut the recording first, use our Video Cutter and select a needed snippet in a couple of clicks.

    Open Clideo’s Meme Generator and tap the big blue button to upload a file from our device. You can also click a small arrow to call a drop-down menu and add from your Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage.

    Upload YouTube video to create meme
  2. Make a video meme

    To start with, choose a meme template. Then type top and/or bottom captions. The tool lets you edit them: you can select a style and alignment.

    Make YouTube video meme

    Hit the preferable preset for the social media ratio aspect and decide on the crop option: you can either fit the frame with the borders or zoom and crop it. If you don’t need any sound, you can mute the video.

    When you are done with settings and editing, click “Meme” and let the project get processed.

  3. Save the meme

    Take the final look at your fresh meme and save it to your personal device or cloud. If you think the result could be better, click “Back to edit” and improve the meme.

    Download YouTube video meme

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.