What is a video portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of the best projects. It’s a must-have not only for creative professionals but also for large companies in different industries, including IT and construction.

A portfolio for a service provider is the same as a catalog for a manufacturer. It demonstrates your expertise, talent, and versatility in the services you provide. You should make one if you work as a:

  • Copywriter
  • Photo- and videographer
  • Designer
  • MUA (make-up artist)
  • Stylist
  • Illustrator
  • Journalist
  • Writer/Poet/Interpreter
  • Video editor
  • Programmer etc.
Video portfolio

Why is a portfolio important?

A videographer portfolio is the best way to show the customer what exactly they will get and let them evaluate if they like this exact style of shooting. As videography is a visual art, demonstration is crucial.

Also, it’s a powerful competing tool. Even a price list and a detailed description of the services are not so important, as customers tend to compare portfolios and choose the works they like best.

Last but not least, a portfolio is also a great way for a professional to sort out their projects, choose the best ones, and track their progress.

Types of a videographer portfolio

It’s quite obvious that a portfolio should be posted online to let potential customers look it through. Here we have two different approaches.

Some filmmakers prefer using video portfolio websites, such as Portfoliobox, or social media accounts. The perk of this solution is that you don’t have to obtain any technical skills, as you can post your project examples in one click. On the other hand, the number of available templates may be limited, also you’ll have to meet the platform specifications, such as the file format, its resolution, aspect ratio, etc. Quite often, you’ll have to edit video before publishing.

Others opt for personal sites, which give more opportunities for customization, but also demand more in-depth involvement and basic programming skills.

As for the video portfolio types, they could be the following:

  • Showreel. A carousel or a single video with all your examples.
  • "Before and after". This type is especially effective for video editing portfolios.
  • Niche based. This portfolio is dedicated to a single topic, for example, only weddings or travel videos.
  • Interactive sites. They let a client feel involved in the action.
  • Teasers or highlight videos. Just short trailers instead of full-length projects.

And many more others, depending on what kind of projects you have completed.

Videohrapher portfolio

How to make a video portfolio

It takes several steps to make your portfolio

Select your best works

Some aspiring filmmakers include in their portfolios all their projects. It’s the wrong approach, actually. A potential customer will get lost in dozens, if not hundreds, of similar videos and will never find the ones you are really proud of.

Choose the best of the best. Also, make sure they are versatile and illustrate your expertise in different fields, or various shooting skills and project styles.

Post them online

While selecting a platform for your portfolio, keep in mind that it should be user-friendly and easy to use. Make sure your projects are well organized and categorized so that viewers can easily find what they are looking for: commercials, promo videos, fashion shows, documentaries, weddings, etc.

Update your portfolio regularly

Practice makes perfect. You develop your skills and grow as a professional in your sphere. Re-evaluate your examples and replace them with newer and better works.

Video editor portfolio

Hints and tips

  • Keep your portfolio informative, but short: nobody will dig into dozens of videos, especially if they are lengthy.
  • Add customers’ reviews, as they will increase your credibility.
  • Promote your portfolio. If you post it on your personal site, use SEO techniques. In social media, you can buy views and use other marketing tools.


Who needs a video portfolio?

Every professional, whose job is connected with art. Especially those who provide services, for example: photographers, videographers, designers, copywriters, etc.

What should be in a video portfolio?

Briefly speaking, your best and most versatile projects.

How many videos are enough in a portfolio?

There is no exact number. It depends on your portfolio type, how many shooting styles you present, and other factors. We would say, up to 5 examples for each category would be optimal.


A well-organized portfolio is one of the main assets for each videographer. Without it, the world will never get to know how talented and skilled you are, and the clients will never find their way to you.