How to add music to an Instagram story, reel, or post

Instagram is one of the most influential social media. Its active users become Internet celebrities and make good money. There are lots of ingredients of their success, and top-notch quality posts are one of them.

There are various ways to attract more followers, but none of them will work if your posts are dull and run-of-the-mill. Luckily, Instagram music adds a hundred points even to the most tedious entry. Just make sure you know how to use this option for different post types.

How to add music to IG story

Adding music to IG story is easy as ABC, as you can simply use a track from an in-built Instagram library.

  1. Upload a visual

    Tap the "Plus" sign to create a new post. Select "Story" as a post type and upload a visual from your camera roll. It can be a video or an image.

    Add music to Instagram story step 1
  2. Add a song

    Hit the sticker icon (it's not an obvious step, is it?) and select the "Music" sticker. Now you have access to the music library: pick up a track from the list or look for the needed audio with the help of the search field.

    Steaker to add music to Instagram story
  3. Set your post up

    The story's length is limited to 15 seconds, so you can use only a short audio snippet. Move the slider along the track to choose the chunk you need. Then tap on different options above the player to select your music sticker style: if it will be just a composition title or lyrics also. Try them all, as different fonts and styles are available.

    When you like what you see, hit "Done".

    Music in Instagram story

How to add music to IG reel

Adding music to IG reel is a bit more complicated, as it has more options.

  1. Upload the visual

    The first step is the same as for the stories. This time, make sure you select the "reel" type. Again, you can upload both a video and a photo.

    Add music to Instagram reel step 1
  2. Add an audio

    Hit the note sign to pick up a track from the Instagram Library. Don't forget that you can always look for the song you need in the search field. Your reel's duration is limited to up to 90 secs, so move the slider to find the music snippet that fits you most.

    Add music to Instagram reel step 2

    Tap the "Done" and "Next" buttons.

    Add music to Instagram reel step 3

How to add music to IG post

And here is a tricky moment. In-feed videos are now posted as Reels, and we have already sorted this point out. But how to add music to Instagram photo posts, not stories? You might need to create a video with music from your photos first in some other application or, better, online service. For example, Clideo. There is a whole set of free video editing tools, but in our case, we'd recommend the all-in-one ultimate Video Editor.

  1. Upload a photo to the tool

    Open our Video Editor in any browser, as it works online. Tap the "Get started" button to navigate to the editor.

    Editor to add music to Instagram post

    Then hit the "Upload" option and select one or more images from your device or cloud storage accounts.

    Upload files to add music to Instagram post

    Change the aspect ratio to 9:16 in the "Canvas" tab if you need and then arrange the images in the timeline like you need to turn them into a slideshow.

    Files to add music to Instagram post

    In fact, you can stop here, save your project as a video, upload it to IG, and follow the steps from the "Reel" part. But there is also another option:

  2. Add your own music

    Tap the "Plus" sign at the top left and upload an audio track you need. Drag the media to the timeline and place it below or above the visuals.

    You can expand or shrink the files with the help of yellow handles, also, don't hesitate to use the "Split" function to make your audio match the video duration.

    Edit music in video for Instagram post

    You can also change the visual's crop options, brightness, and opacity, tilt a photo or add captions to it.

    Edit video with music for Instagram post
  3. Save your Instagram post with music

    When fully done, hit the "Export" button to select the output quality.

    Export video with music for Instagram post

    Save the project to your device. Now you can upload it to Instagram without any additional editing and fuss, literally in two taps.

    Save video with music for Instagram post

If you would like to learn more about our all-in-one video editor options and features, you can find more information in our Help Center.