How to make a trailer for a book

What is a book trailer? A short, captivating preview of a novel, pretty much the same as a movie trailer, just in another field of art. This concise video should tease, create a certain atmosphere, and give the common idea of the plot but not reveal the twists and intrigues.

Book trailers are usually created by publishing houses or authors to promote their new publications, but not only. For example, BookTube vloggers may shoot such videos for other readers to introduce their favorite book or as a part of some challenge.

There are several types of book teasers. The choice depends not only on the novel itself but also on your budget. If you're a bit hard up for money, the easiest way will be just combining some raw footage with audio and adding captions with the description of a book. If you can afford more, check out special effects libraries (free or not) or even hire professional actors.

You can find various examples of book trailers on the Internet and follow the pattern you like most. But whatever you choose, Clideo's Video Editor can become your personal book trailer maker. That's how you can use it.

  1. Upload “ingredients” to the tool

    Open our all-in-one video editor in any browser. Clideo service works online, so it's compatible with all gadgets and operating systems. It's also free for files up to 500 MB each, so if you don't consider upgrading your account to Clideo Pro, make sure your files are cut in smaller chunks.

    Editor to make a book trailer

    The interface is user-friendly, so we won't bother you with redundant details on what to hit and which button to look for. We'd just mention that you can import files from your device or a cloud storage account.

    Upload files to make a book trailer

    It's also a good practice to save all the files you want to process to the same folder and then use a bulk upload.

  2. Create a trailer

    Now, only the sky's the limit. Drag the uploaded files to the timeline or editing canvas if necessary, arrange them as you need, and let the magic begin!

    Make a book trailer video

    Use the yellow handles to shrink or extend the visuals. Place them over each other, cut and duplicate them as you need.

    Select a file to open its editing panel, where you can set its brightness, flip the visual, crop it, etc. Our tool has many editing options, so don't hesitate to try out all that you see! If you don't like the result, just hit the left-faced arrow in the top right part of the screen and undo the last action.

    Edit book trailer video speed

    The "Canvas" tab is responsible for the project's aspect ratio.

    Change book teaser video canvas

    You can also add some trailer text in the "Text" tab marked with the capital "T".

    Add text to book teaser video

    When you're done, hit the "Export" button and select the output resolution. Just a small reminder: while our free version has the full functionality of the Pro one, your project quality choice is limited to two options.

    Export book teaser video
  3. Post your book trailer

    When you give your project a final run, remedy all the flaws, and save it to your device, Google Drive, Google Photos, or Dropbox, it's time to post it.

    Make sure you post your teaser on a platform where other readers can watch it. And get ready to gather likes!

    Save book teaser video

Make sure you visit our Help Center should you have any questions about all video editor features.