How to Post a GIF on Instagram Story

The main problem is that Insta doesn’t support the GIF format, so you need to convert it to a video format before uploading. Also, you have to make sure it’s the right size and cropped appropriately so that it is displayed correctly for the Instagram app’s screen dimensions.

Thanks to Clideo, there’s a way to convert and resize your GIFs so that they're a perfect fit for your Instagram Stories, and it’s not only free, but it works completely online, from your browser - meaning you don’t have to download a thing.

So, if you want to know how to put a GIF on an Instagram Story easily, read on...

  1. Upload your GIF

    To get started, make your way over to Clideo’s Instagram Story Resizer. You’ll be greeted by a blue ‘Choose file’ button. Tap this to upload a GIF from your device.

    Upload GIF to resize for Instagram Story

    Alternatively, you can tap the down arrow on the right side of the button and a drop-down menu will be displayed. Here you can choose to upload your GIF from a Dropbox or Google Drive cloud account, if it is saved there.

    Please note that all devices are supported, whether that’s iPhone or Android phone and even desktop computers such as Windows or Mac. You can also resize files up to 500MB, for free.

  2. Resize for Instagram

    Once the editor opens, you’ll be given the option to select the necessary preset for resizing your GIF. In this instance, you want to select ‘Instagram’ from the top menu box under the ‘Resize for’ heading, then ‘Stories’ from the box that appears underneath.

    Resize GIF to post on Instagram Story

    This will automatically resize your GIF to the required 9:16 ratio.

    Next, you can adjust how the image appears via ‘Crop Options’, if required. Here, you have two options: you can automatically ‘Fit’ the GIF to the post parameters so that all of it can be seen (and leave a border around the edges), or if you want to crop without border, tap the ‘Fill’ option.

    Adjust GIF to post on Instagram Story

    You can also adjust the GIF within the frame with the zoom and position selectors, if required.

    Now, make sure you select ‘MP4’ from the format type, as this type of video works perfectly for Instagram.

    To finish, tap the ‘Resize’ button at the bottom and you’re ready to head to the next step in the process.

  3. Save and upload a GIF to an Instagram Story

    Once processed, your newly sized GIF will be ready to be posted on your Insta Stories. Hurrah!

    To do this, hit the green ‘Download’ button to save to your device. Again, you can save it back to Dropbox or Google Drive if you’d like. Just tap the down-arrow, which will open up the drop-down menu.

    Download GIF for Instagram Story

    If you need to make some changes, just hit the ‘Back to edit’ option to be taken right back to the editor without needing to start afresh.

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