TikTok slang and abbreviations explained

Some of the best-known Internet abbreviations are brb (be right back), afk (away from the computer), lol (laughing out loud), kk (ok), idk (I don’t know), IMHO (in my humble opinion), FYI (for your information) and others. Most of them are still actual, but there are hundreds of new ones, especially in social media.

Nowadays the Internet is cheap, but time is still precious. Moreover, sometimes we text or comment on social media posts on the move and don’t really want to write another Brontë novel. So the trend is still relevant. So, what does FYP mean? What is POV meaning? Let’s sort it out.

TikTok slang and abbreviations


The definition of slang in a nutshell is a phenomenon when the word exists in a “normal” vocabulary, but just has another meaning. For example:

  • Accountant. TikTok's canned response to the question “What’s your job?”. A euphemism for something that people don’t want or may be embarrassed to explain.Б.
  • Transition. It’s not a bank money transfer, but an outfit change.
  • Main character. It’s another way to call someone a star or a cool dude. Kind of “In this new skirt I feel like a main character”.
  • Duet. Another type of TikTok video. It’s a video response to someone’s video: a shadowing, a reaction, a review, etc.
  • Periodt. This the clear sign that the discussion is over and there is nothing more to talk about.
  • Srorytime. As the very word says, it’s an interesting story from TikToker’s life. Sometimes it’s provided as a context for another video.
What does accountant mean on TikTok

FYP, PFP and other abbreviations

  • FYP stands for “For Your Page”. It’s a tab in the app where a smart algorithm shows videos that a user might like. It’s unique for each TikToker. If someone leaves a comment FYP or a hashtag #FYP it means that this person saw your post as recommended.
  • PFP is a very common abbreviation for “profile picture”, not only on TikTok but also on other social media.
  • POV stands for “Point of View”. It’s a TikTok trend when something is shown from someone’s perspective.
  • ASL actually has two meanings. First one: age, sex, location — the very basic information one wants to know about a new Internet acquaintance. Second: an exclamation like “as hell”, the same strong but shorter.
  • RMP is another abbreviation with various meanings. The most common one is “Read my profile”, but it may also be “Remind me please” or even “Rate my professor”.
  • W and L. Both letters stand for “Winner” and “Loser” respectively.
  • IB stands for “Inspired by” and that’s usually a tribute to another video. The more specific type of it is “DC” — “dance credit” — valid only for dancing videos.

Why do you need to know it

Because you want to understand what is going on and be on the same page, don’t you? What does ASL mean and other abbreviations, right? The next step is to use the same slang in your own TikTok videos!

You can leave trendy hashtags and catchy comments, but making videos with closed captions may be even better. Have fun!