What is video compression

Let’s dive a little bit into what file compression is. If you already know everything about it, scroll to the step-by-step guide.

Compression is making a file size smaller so that it’d take up less space on a device. It is also helpful for sharing large photos, videos, audio, documents or other files on social media, and for sending them via email or WhatsApp. It can be lossy and lossless.

  • Lossless compression:

    Lossless compression reduces file size so that you can restore the original quality if needed. It converts data from the initial group of characters to a more compact one.

  • Lossy compression:

    This type makes file size smaller by deleting the unnecessary bits. It will be useful if you don’t need all the information the file contains. For example, a good quality audio contains sounds that you can hear only using some professional equipment. Thus, they’re not important for such purposes as sharing on Facebook.

    Another example is images, if you want to share one on Instagram or Twitter, you definitely don’t need a professional photo with extremely high quality as it’d be huge, take a lot of time to upload and download by other users. You can compress it by 50% and won’t even notice it.

    Compare the original picture and the compressed one. We’ve reduced its size as much as possible so you could see the difference.

    Compare the original and compressed images

How to compress video on Android online

In the article we’ll tell you how to reduce video size using the online and free video compressor developed by Clideo, it works in any browser and on any device including Android.

  1. Upload the necessary video

    Open the Online Video Compressor by Clideo and select a file from your computer or phone. If you click the blue downward arrow, you’ll see the options to add a video from Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Select a video you want to compress on Android
  2. Wait a moment

    Now wait a little bit while the compressor is doing everything possible to compress your video without losing quality.

    Wait a few seconds while the tool is compressing the video
  3. Save the result

    Your file is ready to be saved but first, watch it to make sure it looks good. The tool will show you how well the video is compressed above the player. Click the “Download” button to save the result back to your device or click the arrow to upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Download the compressed video back to Android device

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