Compress WEBM

Reduce WebM file size in three steps

Why compress WebM file

WebM is an open source format that contains video compressed with VP8 or VP9 codecs and audio compressed with Vorbis or Opus codecs. The format is usually used for media content on web pages and it is supported by all the popular web-browser.

If you decided to post a video to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another social media account, you'd definitely need to compress it first.

The WebM Compressor helps you do that online which means that you do not even have to install or download anything to your device. The tool works on Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android. It allows you to compress any amount of videos a day.

How to compress WebM online

  1. Upload a video

    You can add a video from any of your devices. If you store your files on Google Drive or Dropbox, click the downward arrow to upload one from there. The tool gives you a possibility to add a file up to 500 MB for free.

  2. Wait a minute

    Now, wait a little while the compressor is processing the video. The time depends on the size. Do not worry, we will do our best to make your video as smaller as possible.

  3. Download the WebM video

    Now you can watch the video to make sure it looks good. Also you can see the initial size of the video and the compressed one to compare. Download the result back to your device or save to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Get Video Compressor App for iPhone

Download the Video Compressor App to your iPhone and reduce a video size automatically or by customizing your own compression settings.

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