Slideshow Maker for Android

Make an Android slideshow with videos, photos and music

Make an Android slideshow online

A slideshow is a great way to tell a story using different forms of media, without the need to capture it in one video. You can add photos, GIFs, videos - all with music - and bundle them together to make a movie of memories.

However, creating one isn’t always easy and would normally require buying pricey software or potentially harmful third-party apps. Until now.

So if you’re looking for a free slideshow maker for Android phones or tablets, you’ve come to the right place. Our tool won’t cost you a penny and works entirely online, meaning you can access it from a browser on your Android device.

How to create a slideshow on your Android device

  1. Upload your media

    To get started, tap the ‘Choose files’ button at the top of this page and select the media you want to appear in your slideshow.

    Upload files to the Android Slideshow Maker

    Don’t have it stored on your device? No worries - if you have it in the cloud, our Slideshow Creator for Android allows uploading directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. Just tap the down-arrow on the right.

  2. Create, edit and experiment

    Here you can get creative and create your story via the timeline under the preview pane at the top. To upload more, simply hit the ‘Add more files’ option below.

    Upload more files to the Android Slideshow Maker

    Adding music as a backing track will help bring your slideshow to life. You can do this via the next option down. Trim it and adjust the volume, if required.

    Add audio in the Android Slideshow Maker

    Next you’ll find ‘Crop options’. Choose which platform you’ll most likely be posting the slideshow to as this will ensure it’s displayed correctly.

    If you’ve added images, don't forget to choose how long they’re displayed for under ‘Image duration’. Lastly, you can add a crossfade to the media by ticking the box underneath and change the output format, if needed. We recommend MP4 for Android.

    Change format in the Android Slideshow Maker

    All done? Hit the ‘Create’ button at the bottom.

  3. Check it and download

    Now it’s time to give your slideshow one last preview before saving it back to your Android device.

    Save slideshow from the Android Slideshow Maker

    Need to tweak something? No sweat - just hit the ‘Back to edit’ button to make any quick changes without starting from scratch.

    Lastly, save your slideshow back to your Android device or cloud storage accounts via the ‘Download’ button and you’re all done.