YouTube Slideshow Maker

Make a YouTube slideshow with images, videos, GIFs and audio

Simple Slideshow Maker for YouTube

To become a YouTube vlogger you don’t need costly equipment and a team of professional video directors – you can create a video yourself using only photos and videos that you already have. For that, you’ll need a special program.

Our online and free Slideshow Maker for YouTube works in any modern browser and on any OS. It’s fast, intuitive and secure, erases all your personal data within 24 hours (or create a free account to do it yourself at any time).

Check a list of YouTube specs to make sure that your clip meets them.

How to make a YouTube slideshow

  1. Upload files

    Select videos, images and GIFs from your personal device by clicking the button “Choose files”. Multiple selection is possible. If you want to use content stored somewhere else, call a drop-down menu and hit one of two options:

    Upload files to the YouTube Slideshow Maker
    • import files from Google Drive;
    • import files from Dropbox.

  2. Make a slideshow and add audio

    Add more files if you need. Use the options described above or just drag and drop them to the timeline below the player. Change the files’ order.

    Upload more files to the YouTube Slideshow Maker

    Choose one of the ready crop options. For YouTube you’ll need the second one: 16:9. Add borders or crop the video.

    If your slideshow contains any static images, set their duration. Mind, that it’ll be the same for all of them. Tick the “Crossfade” box to make the frame transition seamless and smooth.

    Upload music in YouTube Slideshow Maker

    Click “Add audio” and select music. To trim it you can either set the timing manually in the appropriate boxes, or use the slidebars. Adjust volume for both soundtrack and added videos.

    The YouTube Slideshow Video Maker allows choosing an output format. The recommended ones are MOV, MP4, AVI, and WMV.

    Change video format in YouTube Slideshow Maker

    When you feel you’re ready, click “Create”.

  3. Download the slideshow

    Have a final preview and save your clip to your personal device or cloud storage. If you believe it still needs corrections, click “Back to edit” and keep going.

    Download video from the YouTube Slideshow Maker

    For faster uploading to YouTube, you can reduce the video size with Clideo’s Video Compressor.