Instagram Slideshow Maker

Make an Instagram slideshow out of videos, images and audio

Tell a story with Instagram Slideshow Maker online

Do you want to post a great video on Instagram but only have a bunch of separately recorded memories? Well, why not tell a story with a slideshow of the photos, GIFs, videos and music you do have, instead?

Normally, this might involve downloading expensive software or potentially harmful third-party apps. However, you can do it quickly and easily with our tool, and for free!

Best of all, Clideo’s Slideshow Maker for Instagram is online, meaning you can access it from any device and any browser - anytime. Worried about security? Don’t be - the tool deletes your data from its servers within 24 hours after use.

How to create an Instagram slideshow step by step

  1. Add your files

    To begin, hit the ‘Choose files’ button at the top of this page and select the media from your device.

    Add photos and videos to the Instagram Slideshow Maker

    If you have it backed up in a cloud storage account, our Video Slideshow Maker for Instagram allows uploading directly from there. Tap the down-arrow on the right and a drop-down menu will pop up with the option to upload from Google Drive or Dropbox.

  2. Get creative!

    Next, you’ll be taken to the editor page where you can play around with the order of the files you added via the timeline at the bottom. What to add more? Hit the ‘Add more files’ option.

    Add more videos and pictures to the Instagram Slideshow Maker

    Need a backing track? Go ahead - add some music! The option is on the right. Next to this, you can choose how long the images are displayed for via ‘Image duration’.

    Finally, select the Instagram crop option to ensure it will be displayed correctly on your account, and once you’re all done, tap the ‘Create’ button.

  3. Check it and download

    Once your masterpiece has been processed by Clideo’s servers, you’ll be able to give your slideshow a preview.

    Download the video from the Instagram Slideshow Maker

    If it’s not quite right, just hit the ‘Back to edit’ button and you’ll be returned to the editor where you can make any quick changes.

    All done? It’s time to save your slideshow back to your device or cloud storage accounts via the big green ‘Download’ button.