Merge FLV Files

Combine flv files online

How to merge FLV files

Flv files are rare – it can be difficult to find a program that can handle this format. And if you’re having some trouble looking for one that can merge them into a single file, then this cool tool has the solution for you!

This online converter is specially designed to consolidate your flv files in a flash. You only need to upload your files by fetching them from your PC, Google Drive, Dropbox or URL. You’ll be presented with options to customize your new file – rearrange their order, choose a format that you need and a name for the file. Start the process by clicking on the “merge and convert” button and in a few seconds, your new file will be ready to download – add it to your Dropbox or Google Drive too!

The web tool is very easy to use. Get the job done for free – no registration needed!