Video Maker for Android

Make an Android video with pictures, videos and music

Use our Android Video Maker for free

If you’re looking for a handy video maker app for Android, we can offer you something better! Our Video Creator by Clideo works online, which means that it neither slows your device down nor wastes its precious memory.

Another amazing trait of the tool – its security, as it keeps your personal data for no longer than 24 hours (in case if you still need it in your profile) and never shares it with third parties.

Last but not least convenience – it functions equally efficiently in any OS and from any device, be it a mobile phone, a PC or a Mac.

How to make a video on Android

  1. Upload videos, photos and GIFs

    Importing files is super-easy: the Music Video Maker allows selecting them with two different ways:

    Add images and videos to the Android Video Maker
    • Upload visuals from your personal device by clicking on the “Choose file” pane;
    • Import them from Google Drive or Dropbox;

    Mind that for the last option, you have to call a drop-down menu on the right side of the button.

  2. Adjust and add audio

    When the editor opens, select more clips and pictures, using the methods described above. Each uploaded file for free can be up to 500 MB in size.

    Add more photos and videos to the Android Video Maker

    Click “Add audio” and select a soundtrack. Hit the infinity sign on the right to loop it, alternatively trim the sound. You can either set its start/end timing manually or by moving two sidebars. When you’re done, adjust a new audio track volume and the initial video sound.

    Add a song in the Android Video Maker

    Arrange files to make your clip funny, catchy, or touching. Select one of two crop options. Choose one of four aspect ratio presets:

    • 1:1 for Instagram;
    • 9:16 for Instagram Story;
    • 16:9 for YouTube;
    • 5:4 for Facebook.
    Change format of the video in Android Video Maker

    Set the duration of images, be aware that it’ll be applied to all of them.

    Tick the “Crossfade” box to make the transition between images smoother. Choose an output format. If you aren’t sure, which extension is the best, check our complete guide on social media specs.

    Click “Create” and let your clip get processed.

  3. Download the result

    Download the created video from the Android Video Maker

    Play your clip in a sample player. If it looks perfect, save it to your personal device or cloud storage. If you have noticed some flaws and want to keep editing, click “Back to edit”.