Social Media Video Maker

Make a video for social media with photos, videos and music

Why you need a Social Media Video Creator

Social media are the fastest and easiest modern way to keep in touch with relatives and friends. By posting short videos and stories, you let your close ones know that you are safe and happy.

Clideo allows you to make social media video content by combining several videos, images, GIFs, and adding a perfect song.

It works online, so you don’t have to download and install any special applications, which is much faster and safer for your device.

The tool is compatible with all the operating systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

How to make a video for social media

  1. Upload videos, pictures or GIFs

    Click the big blue pane “Choose files” and select videos, photos, GIFs from your personal device. Multiple selection is possible.

    Upload files to create social media video

    If you need some content already stored online, call the drop-down menu. Two first fields allow you to import files from Google Drive and Dropbox.

  2. Add more files to create a video

    To add more files you can just drag and drop them on the timeline below the player or use previously described methods. Change their order as you please. Each file up to 500 MB can be added to the Social Media Video Maker free of charge. The total video size is not limited!

    Upload more files to create social media video

    Choose a crop option: you can either zoom and crop your recording or fit it with borders. Select one of four aspect ratio presets: for Instagram, Stories, YouTube and Facebook.

    Crop or add borders to social media video

    If you've added images, set their duration. Mind, that this setting will be applied to all the photos equally.

    Tick the box “Crossfade” to make the frame transition smoother.

  3. Add a soundtrack

    Find the pane “Add audio” and upload an audio file from your personal device, cloud storage or online source.

    Upload audio to create social media video

    Trim the audio by setting the time manually or with the help of the slidebars. Adjust its volume. If the initial shooting has an original soundtrack, you can either mute it or adjust its volume, too.

    When you’re done, choose an output format. The best ones for social media are MP4 and MOV but you can always check the needed specs in our complete guide on social media.

    Change format of social media video

    Click “Create” and let your future content be processed.

  4. Save the video for social media

    Have the final thorough look to get sure that your content is just perfect. If it is, save it to your cloud storage account or personal device’s memory. If there are any flaws, click “Back to edit” and correct them.

    Download social media video