Free MP4 Splitter

Split MP4 or another video online

Use the MP4 Video Splitter to cut clips

MP4 videos are one of the most popular media formats out there. Compatible with most smartphones, including the iPhone, MP4s can be played right away on your handset without needing any conversion or re-encoding.

If you’re looking for a way to split your MP4 video - perhaps because it’s too long and needs cutting down before you post it on your social channels or send via email - there’s one super simple way to do it, and that’s with Clideo’s MP4 Splitter, online.

The tool works from any browser and on any platform, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, meaning you don’t have to download or install any third-party software. Best of all, the MP4 splitter is free, easy, and safe to use - deleting all your data within 24 hours.

How to split an MP4 video

  1. Upload your MP4 clip

    First off, hit the ‘Choose file’ button above to upload the MP4 file that you’d like to split.

    Upload an MP4 video to split

    Is your clip stored in a cloud account? No problem. Tap the down-arrow and you’ll be given the option to upload from Google Drive or Dropbox.

  2. Split it!

    Once uploaded, you’ll be taken to Clideo’s editor tool.

    Use the preview reel at the bottom to manually adjust the sliders and choose where exactly you’d like the video to be trimmed. On the right, you can opt to extract the part you selected from the clip or delete it.

    Extract a part of the MP4 video

    You can also add a fade-in/out or crossfade option depending on whether you’re extracting or deleting the selected part.

    Delete a part of the MP4 video

    Before continuing, you can keep the video as an MP4 or change it to another format, such as AVI, MOV, etc, at the bottom left.

    Change format of the split MP4

    Then after previewing, tap the ‘Cut’ button at the bottom right. Some holding text will be displayed while your new MP4 movie is processed.

  3. Watch and download

    Now, simply give your chopped-down video a preview and once you’re happy, tap the ‘Download’ button. Again, hit the down-arrow to save it to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

    Need to make some changes? Just select the ‘Back to edit’ button to do so without starting over.

    Download the split MP4 video