AVI Trimmer

Cut AVI or another video

Use the AVI Splitter for free

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave, it’s a multimedia container which can include both audio and video content. It’s also one of the oldest and most popular video formats.

Our AVI Cutter is online and free. It’ll help you to make your clip shorter or cut out the exact frames and episodes you need. You can access it from any device: iPhone, Android, Mac, PC.

How to cut an AVI video

  1. Upload a recording

    To import a clip from your camera roll or laptop/computer hit the blue button “Choose file”. If you want to edit a video stored online, you have the following options:

    Upload an AVI video to split
    • Call the drop-down menu and select a file from your Google Drive account.
    • Call the drop-down menu and select a file from your Dropbox account.

  2. Trim the video

    Use the slidebars at the timeline below the player to select the needed snippet. You can also set the start/end time manually.

    Hit the “Extract selected” option if you want to use the chosen episode as your new actual video. Tick “Fade in” and “Fade out” to make your clip more artistic.

    Extract a part of the AVI video

    Otherwise, hit “Delete Selected” if you want to eliminate those frames and merge the rest of the video. Tick the “Crossfade” box to make the frame transition smooth and seamless.

    Delete a part of the AVI video

    You can use our AVI Video Cutter as a format converter – just set an extension you need: MPEG, MP4, ASF, etc. You can also keep an initial one. Click “Cut” and wait for several seconds.

    Change format of the split AVI

  3. Save the trimmed video

    Have a quick preview and get sure that our tool did its job impeccably. Then download the result to your personal device or cloud storage account.

    If there are any flaws, click “Back to edit” and correct them.

    Download the split AVI video