Create Subtitles

Add subtitles to video and download a separate SRT file

Subtitle a video online

To start with, let’s state: what are subtitles and what do we need them for? It’s a transcript of the audio in films, series, video games, etc. that helps us comprehend the action or translates the narration if there is no dubbing.

Sometimes we can’t find the captions for a film and have to create them by ourselves, sometimes we need to create them for our own video. In either case, we’ll need a safe, user-friendly and reliable tool.

And we just have one! Our subtitle editor works online so you don’t have to waste your phone’s memory on some clumsy application. It’s intuitively comprehensive and compatible with all the devices and operating systems. And yes, free!

How to create movie subtitles

  1. Upload a video

    Choose one of the options:

    Upload a video for subtitles
    • Hit the “Choose file” button and select a file from your camera roll.
    • Call a drop-down menu on the right and import it from Google Drive or Dropbox.

  2. Add subtitles

    If you happen to have ready subtitles (.SRT file), just upload them using the same options as described above and proceed to editing. If you are just about to create them, click the “Add manually” button.

    Add subtitles manually or with SRT file

    Type the text in the appropriate box on the right, set its start/end time. When the captions are ready, you can change their timing by dragging the boxes with text along the timeline below the player.

    Create subtitles

    Click the “Styles” tab and set the subtitles font, size, alignment, the colour of the letters and the background.

    Edit subtitles: change font, color and background

    When you are done, you can download the SRT file with your captions separately.

    Choose the output format as our tool works also as a video converter. It supports all the popular extensions including MOV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, AVI and others.

    Click “Create” and wait several seconds.

    Please note that the tool adds hard subtitles only. Hard subtitles are burned in, or hard coded, as an overlay over your video and cannot be turned off or on later in a player.

  3. Save the result

    Now, when your video has brand-new customized subtitles, download it. Don’t forget to have a quick preview and get sure that captions are synchronized with the clip smoothly and properly.

    Save the video with added subtitles

    If so, save the video to your personal device or a cloud storage account. If not, just click the “Back to edit” arrow and fix all the imperfections.